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Providing transparency and peace of mind in an opaque market.

Due diligence is one of the most complicated yet most essential parts of the investment process. In a market such as Mongolia, where business arrangements can often seem opaque, ensuring that your investment decision is based on accurate and reliable information is essential. As such, M.A.D. offers both legal and reputational due diligence services focused on property assets.

Legal due diligence: we put our understanding of the real estate planning and development process in Mongolia at our clients’ disposal so as to ensure that everything is in oder. We can quickly and efficiently carry out a variety of checks on ownership of real estate in Mongolia, ensuring that the relevant authorisations and permits are in order, and that the property has not been pledged as collateral to any other institution.

Reputational due diligence: using our network of private and public sector contacts, we provide you with detailed information on the backgrounds, business activities, and reputational record of your potential business partners, allowing you to address potential complications as easily as possible in your business relationship.

Carrying out due diligence in Mongolia can be challenging and complicated – public domain is all but non-existent. Nevertheless, M.A.D. does its utmost to verify that all is as it should be and that your investment decision is made knowing all the relevant information.

Please note that certain aspects of DD which are based on public domain or public access to information common in other markets is not always available in Mongolia and may therefore limit the scope of our research remit.