M.A.D. Services Brochure

With over 20 services grouped in 4 different categories, M.A.D. is the most comprehensive and professional full service firm operating within Ulaanbaatar’s real estate market. We have over 40 dedicated professionals specialising in fields such as property valuations, development appraisals, property leasing, property management, strategic consulting, interior design, renovation, sales and purchasing, investments and research. M.A.D. is truly the best partner for anyone considering getting involved in the Mongolian Property Market.

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The Mongolian Real Estate Report 2015

The M.A.D. Mongolian Real Estate Report 2015 is the 3rd edition of Mongolia’s most comprehensive, unbiased and detailed report on the property sector both within Ulaanbaatar as well as secondary cities. It includes a macro section which provides overview of the economy, the political environment and all real estate laws. The Real Estate section includes overviews by asset class and then drills down to detailed zones within Ulaanbaatar. It includes price movements, predictions, liquidity and predicted future supply. This is the essential guide to Mongolia’s Property market for any investor.

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The Mongolian Economic Update – Q4 2014

Every quarter, the M.A.D. research team publishes a comprehensive update to its clients that includes an overview of the current political and economical situation while examining in detail the impact that such changes can have on the Mongolian Real Estate market. It includes a sector by sector analysis of the Ulaanbaatar property sector as well as certain price and liquidity predictions. The report finally includes a detailed recommendation section that highlights the best investment opportunities present in the market.

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