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Reliable data in a challenging environment

Surveying is a powerful tool for providing primary information. In Mongolia, such information is often hard to come by, but surveying provides a way for you to fill gaps in information. At M.A.D. we have long offered surveying as a part of our market research services and, given the latent demand for such services, we have since decided to offer it as a standalone service. M.A.D. have conducted surveys for both commercial and public sector clients and, in addition to perception and satisfaction surveying, we also conduct mapping surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews. All our surveys are accompanied by comprehensive analysis and data sorting for our clients.

All of these tools are structured so as to provide you with accurate quantitative and qualitative data that can be used to inform your planning, investment, or development decisions. Most importantly, we provide information and subsequent analysis that comes directly from potential and future customers or stakeholders. In addition, we design our surveys to be as flexible as possible, tailoring them to the project at hand, ensuring that only the most relevant data and information is obtained. All our surveys are carried out on iPads and other IT suport systems enabling real time data feeds, geotagging and reducing user error.