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Video Productions Services

Professional yet cost efficient documentary video production in Mongolia

M.A.D. has over the years successfully produced a number of exceptional documentary videos focused on different aspects of the Mongolian marketplace and its real estate environment. Strong from that experience, M.A.D. is now producing professional, high quality documentary style videos for external clients. Our videos are all produced and shot in Mongolia using our own in-house crews and top of the line equipment which gives us both a cost advantage as well as an excellent control over the quality of the production. Our main strength lies not only in our on-the-ground experience but also in our ability to communicate with our clients on a constant basis through our country office and our professional expat staff.

Our experience not only in video production but in running businesses in the country has given us unique access to key decision makers in the that can contribute to the interview and research process. With a powerful network in Mongolia, an understanding of the market and its challenges, a proven track record and a professional full time crew, M.A.D. Investment Solutions is the best possible partner for your documentary video production needs in Mongolia. Please contact us to arrange for a quote and an initial discussion on your exact needs and requirements.

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