Turn-key Real Estate Solutions in Mongolia

The M.A.D. Investment Solutions team is all about making sense of the changes currently taking place in Mongolia as it transitions from a centrally planned economy to a fully fledged market economy in the grips of a mining boom.

M.A.D. Investment Solutions is a boutique real estate investment and research firm based and operating in Ulaanbaatar. We focus on added-value investments on all types of Real Estate asset classes both within Ulaanbaatar as well as in Mongolia’s high-growth cities. We provide tailor-made  investment solutions for our investors to make the most of this dynamic market.

M.A.D. Investment Solutions provides a range of turn-key real estate services dedicated to accompanying our investors through each step of the investment process. This includes, research, due diligence, valuations, transaction assistance, interior design, renovation, property management and tenancy management.

Furthermore, we are one of the only companies on the market to have a dedicated professional research team that provides up-to-date market critical information and analysis to all our clients.