International Standard Property Valuations in Mongolia

It is difficult to accurately define a common ‘value’ figure as the perceptions of value are unique to each market entity. Nevertheless, a body of technical methods for assessing value does exist. Application of such techniques allows for an accurate estimation of value that reflects the unique nature of the property and the specificities of the local real estate market. There are innumerable reasons for valuing real estate assets, the most common being to:

  • Support buyer and seller decisions
  • Assess applicable taxes
  • Establish collateral for loan security
  • Provide the basis for an insurance quote
  • Support compulsory acquisition / liquidation / expropriation of assets
  • Reflect asset ownership or leasing in corporate financial statements
  • Measure the performance of an investment portfolio Carry out pre-investment market research.

M.A.D. is the only RICS Regulated and liability insured Firm in Mongolia with RICS Registered Valuers that provides International standard “Red Book” Valuations following the principles set out by the IVSC.

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