M.A.D. is the only RICS regulated firm in Mongolia as Chartered Valuation Surveyors.

The RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) was founded in 1792 in London by Royal Charter to promote and improve standards in the property profession in the UK. Today it is the institute that accredits and manages real estate professionals globally. It currently counts nearly 120,000 members in nearly all countries in the world. The RICS is also the primary institute that promotes property, construction, measurement and valuation standards to teaching institutions, countries and stakeholders. The RICS works closely with other global property institutions such as the IVSC to apply their methodologies and techniques to its members.

All members and member firms of the RICS have undersigned to its strict ethical and service quality charter in order to protect all clients and stakeholders in the real estate sector. M.A.D. is the first firm in Mongolia to be regulated by the RICS and is the first valuation accredited firm in the country. M.A.D.’s Managing Partner: Christopher de Gruben is also Mongolia’s first Member of RICS as a Chartered Valuation Surveyor. Chartered Members and Regulated Firms are viewed globally as the “gold standard” in the property profession. The RICS today stands for the mark of property professionalism worldwide.

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